Platz für Gepäck und Garderobe, allergiefreie Matratze: Ihr Schlafgemach

Space for luggage and wardrobe, allergy-free mattress: your sleeping chamber.

And now: sleep well!

A compact, but elegant bedroom. Two sliding doors enable you to close off your sleeping quarters while entertaining your guests in the living room.

Ample space for your hanging clothes, a permanent luggage rack and generous drawers enable you to keep a tidy room. At night, simply swivel your multimedia center around so you may enjoy Radio or one of over 300 television stations in bed.

Our queen size bed is comfortable and inviting. The ecological, non allergic mattresses by allnatura give relief to those with allergies. The solid beechwood frame and nightstands as well as the top quality linen add to your sleeping comfort.

Sleep securely! Your valuables can be stored in your own in-room apartment safe.